Why Your Business Isn’t Growing?

As a second-time Mom, I really should have known better, but I was optimistic about working at home with my baby. Shitshow, that perfectly describes what this actually looked like. Most infants sleep a lot as newborns. MOST, but not mine. Then, I thought, “well if I can just get her on a consistent nap schedule I can ease back into working more”. Nope. Didn’t happen. Eight months later, my hard-headed self finally accepted that I had to have some form of childcare. My maternity leave funds were out, and I only had my retainer work with no new clients on the books. I was struggling!

Then, I got an unavailable funds charge from my bank, and I literally said out loud, “Fuck this!”.  I grabbed a big sheet of butcher block paper and pinned it to my office wall. I outlined what I needed to make, how many clients I needed to get on board, and all of my goals. It finally hit me. I wasn’t building my business because I wasn’t making space for it to grow. The truth was, it didn’t matter how many clients were ready to work with me. I wasn’t ready to work with them! You have to make room for the things you want.  I know that’s hard when it comes to money because you need it now. To efficiently take care of clients both new and old,  you have to allow space for them in order to generate a profit.

For me, I laid out exactly what I needed and visually placed my plan in front of me where I was held accountable for it every day. Next, I found childcare to provide me with the time to serve my clients. Then, I scheduled my whole week in my Google calendar. By doing this, I set up the structure I needed to work in batches and get more stuff done in less time. If you are also feeling frustrated that you are not getting what you want and need in your business, take a deep breathe and make space for growth. Maybe it’s time to seek the advice of a business consultant for a comprehensive consultation.