How to Define Your Services

I recently updated my site and changed all of my services. You can check it out here. I had been thinking about this for a while. When I finally followed through, it felt great, not even just great, but right. One of the best things about having your own business is that you can do things your way. But, the problem is we have gotten used to what is perceived to be the normal way of doing things. It feels comfortable and safe. This is really funny because we must be pretty brave, mold-breaker types to do this entrepreneurial thing anyway! The fear of not being able to pay our bills keeps us from really going for it and standing out. Don’t you wonder what would happen if you were just fearless?

Our baby businesses grow up. They change as the months pass by, and we have to look and see what’s working and what’s not. For me, I needed to change my services to match what my clients needed and what was in alignment with my values and my goals. My family is my top priority and being able to do what I love while being at home with them is the reason I am on this journey. I knew I needed more time in my day, but I also wanted to continue to grow my business. Now, I offer the same services but package differently than before. Below, I detail the way I use these guidelines to create my services.

Branding – I spent a lot of time thinking about what my clients really needed, what I enjoyed doing, and how I could simplify my business. I decided to decrease the number of branding projects I take, but increase the service. I love branding and helping people with their business, but even if they bought a small package, I would just work like crazy just giving them everything  because I wanted them to be successful. So, I made one complete branding package that is everything a person would need. It is 3 months and $8,000. I can spend a lot of time with them knowing I am helping them launch or grow their businesses, while being compensated for my time. With only taking on one project at a time, I can really give them all of my focus and create space for the other parts of my business.

Web Design -I was only offering custom WordPress sites for people.  I would end up pulling all-nighters to have large stretches of time to code and I hated it. I realized that most of my clients didn’t need that type of site, and I really didn’t enjoy it anymore. Most people I would meet wanted to DIY their site, but then they would get stuck with the tech, not like the way it turned out, or not have time to learn the platform. I figured out a system to save me time and allow me to offer an affordable site that the client and I co-create. I now offer Squarespace sites with a 7- day turnaround time for only $900. With this new offering, I can serve more people and hire someone to help by doing the tech part so I can do what I love, which is spending time with the clients.

Coaching – I love coaching and find that you can get so much from getting an outside perspective on your business. I put my coaching services into an easy to understand package that is also shaped to the client’s needs. This package lasts a month and can be repurchased as needed. We pick four goals you have for your business and knock one out each week with coaching calls and worksheets for $600.

Courses – The biggest way for me to scale my business but keep my hours small is course creation. I love teaching, and I have been kind of testing my course through the workshops I have offered. I have a course I am working on now. Even though it’s scary to put yourself and your hard work out there, I am really excited to see how this will change the course of my business growth and allow me to make even more courses.

It was a little scary making such big changes by offering one package instead of the three tiered option, but it feels right, and I am booked with branding projects until December. Just simplifying what I have and changing to monthly payments has even saved me time in writing proposals and billing. What could you do differently that would not only make your clients happy, but make you happier too?