How to boost your creativity

Your creativity is a tool that you have to learn how to use. When your creativity is how you make your money, you can’t watch Netflix and hope it shows up. Life gets so busy, especially when you become a parent, that it can feel like you have lost your mojo. It’s a gift that doesn’t go away, but you have to learn how to nurture it and ignite, when, maybe, you didn’t have to before.  For example, I know that to nurture my creativity I need white space, which is time alone to think and just be. I also need curiosity, which is a desire to learn and do new things. At my corporate job I had a lot of guidelines and I could quickly work and edit in those parameters. After leaving to work myself I had the design freedom I had been craving, but my creative muscles were weak. It took time to reconnect with my creativity and learn how I worked. It’s like getting to know an old friend again after you haven’t seen them in years. I little awkward at first, but soon it’s like no time has past. Narrow in on how to ignite and nurture your creativity with this worksheet. Download the worksheet here.