How do you Face Your Fears?

What if you are the one thing standing between the success that you dream of?

A lot of times when I am coaching someone the color palette, number goal, or copy that they feel is holding them back isn’t really the cause. It’s some fear that plays out by them clinging to some detail as a way of procrastination. It’s easier to set the perfection bar high and go over every detail because, what if you release your course, webinar, or newsletter, and nobody cares? 

I will be the first to admit that I do it too! When I am feeling scared to put myself out there, I remember that every success has several failures, and if I knew it would succeed, disappointment or being outside my comfort zone would be worth it. I also know it’s true that where ever you are most afraid in your business that is the place where you have the potential for the most growth. If that doesn’t work, I call my BFF so she can tell me to “stop being a baby and put on my big girl panties.”

How do you face your fears?

Get to the root – Think about the thing you feel is holding you back. What are you really afraid of?  Ask yourself what would it be like if you didn’t have this fear. How would you act and feel? What would you be doing differently?

However, you answer this question is what you should do next.

Instilling Confidence
Have A Plan -The easiest way to keep those fears from messing with your decision making is to not leave them room to interfere by having a plan. Whatever your big goal is break it down into smaller goals with action steps. Write it all out where you can see it every day. Put it in your calendar or project management system. Leave no room for indecision or second-guessing your self. Just execute your plan.

Be Your Own Client – Plan out your strategy for launching that big product, write copy for the service you want to offer, email potential clients like you would for someone else. It’s easy for us to let our inner gremlins make us have self-doubt and even beat ourselves up in a way we never experience when doing the same work for someone else.

Prepare – If you are really feeling a lack of confidence and maybe even “fraudy” in an area of your business, then become an expert. Take courses, read books, and practice until you know your work or opinion in this area is of value.

Get Support – No one can do this alone. Maybe you need a wolf pack to give you the support you need to do the things you are afraid of. Join your local networking groups, online groups, find a business bestie, or share more with people who love you.

Kick fear to the curb and know you have everything you need to succeed.