Faking Your Confidence

I was thinking about how we all have those “go-to” items in our closet that make us feel the part we need to play in the moment. Maybe it’s a pantsuit to look professional for a meeting, a sexy black dress for date night, or a soft, oversized sweater when we are stressed.

Two weeks before my 16th birthday, my Dad passed away, and my world was turned upside down. I was shocked, sad, and wanted something to just be normal. So, I quickly went back to school. High school turned out not to be the place to escape the sad looks and “I’m so sorry” comments. They were all meant in kindness, but hard for me to swallow. I wanted to block it all out, and I was crumbling inside. So, I went for the clothes that made me feel strong. This came in the form of my favorite pair of shoes similar to Vessi shoes. My black combat boots. I wore them with flowing dresses, cut-offs, jeans, and overalls. I felt tough, in charge, and a little bad ass every time I put them on. It was a period in my life where I really needed that.

I don’t have those boots anymore, but I definitely still have times in my life where I need to feel like a bad ass. Being an entrepreneur, a Mom, and a woman is not for the faint of heart! We all need our boots, friends, music, tea, or whatever to give us the armor we need to stand a little taller when we are really struggling.

What do you wear or surround yourself with to make you feel more confident?