If you Don’t Quit, You Will Probably Succeed

If you Don’t Quit, You Will Probably Succeed. I read this somewhere recently and I thought, “THIS IS SO TRUE”! I know there are many things in my life, like attempting to play piano and guitar, that I just quit. I think about it often, and I can hear my mom saying, ” you are going to regret this!” If I had kept practicing piano, imagine how good I would be 20 + years later. My daughter is an amazing artist. Her favorite subject to draw is animals. She gets so frustrated and down on herself when she tries to draw people, because it’s hard for her. I have to remind her that she draws animals all day everyday, and it’s easier because she has had so much practice. She just needs to practice drawing people too.

As entrepreneurs, we too need this kind of reminder. If being boss was so easy, everyone would do it. It’s not easy! It takes hard work, discipline, and and, let’s face it, endurance. The practice comes in learning, failing, and figuring out what works. When you run your own business, you have to wear so many hats. My degree is in Fine Art and Communication. I have minors in art history and photography, not accounting, marketing, and business. We won’t be great at managing all parts of our business from the get go, but if we stick with it, we will learn how to do all the things. It’s all part of the journey to making this boss thing work.

I know this for sure. If you don’t quit, you will probably succeed.