Comparing Yourself to Others

I was meeting with a new client who is a fine artist. She wanted to discuss how I could help her market herself to sell more work.  She was feeling stuck because she didn’t know how to make a strategy to generate an income or what to put on social media. As we talked more, I found out the reason behind this was mostly because she was comparing herself to what she saw other people doing on social media, and she didn’t feel very legit. It seemed to her like everyone she went to school with was so much more successful than she was.  She let this influence how she made decisions for her business. For example, selling prints of her work would help bring in more income, but she wondered if she would look like a professional artist. Her bad feelings came from comparing herself to others and it was holding her back.

The dream is to make money doing what you love. If you are not making money or doing what you love, what’s the point?  You have to set your own measures for success. Creating a clear vision about what that looks like for you, setting goals, and celebrating when those goals are met is a way to keep you focused on what your values are.

I love to travel and sometimes I get jealous when I see friends on vacation. But, I have a really big goal to build my business in a way that will allow me to spend a month in Belize with my family every year. I may be 100 steps out, but I intend on celebrating every milestone until I reach my goal! Everyone falls for Instagram life envy sometimes, but if you have your goals and strategies in place, it’s so much easier to shut out the noise and use your energy to build your own dreams instead of longing for another’s.

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