Wave Makers

Stand Out, Find Your Voice, Meet Your Wolf Pack

With the overwhelming amount of information being pushed on us about what we should do, disheartening social media highlight reels, and the celebration of the “hustle” it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd, disconnected from your business, and even lonely.

There is a different way, a better way, and it starts with relationships.  I have created a space where you can learn to build a business your way with cheerleaders at your side. You don’t have to do this alone.

Join me and see what a difference it makes when you have the right support. Learn to grow your business in a way that feels aligned with your values and the way you like to work. Build relationships with other bosses that give you the support and advice you need to step into your unique voice and make some waves!


$144 / month

Skip past all of the uncertainty that comes with being an entrepreneur and grow your business this year with guidance and support from 

other bosses!

Wave Makers IS FOR YOU IF…

You feel lost & overwhelmed

The accessibility of information online is amazing and truly helpful, sometimes. Getting overwhelmed by challenges, master classes, and pitches can leave you feeling disappointed that you didn’t get the same results, and even more confused. Learn to build a business that is aligned with your values and how you like to work. 


You feel lonely

You really can’t do this alone. Ok, you can, but takes so much longer to reach your goals and it’s not as much fun! You need boss friends to support you through the ups and downs, offer solid advice, and collaborate with. 


You’re ready to grow & scale your biz

You are tired of playing small. You are ready to take your business to the next level, but you need direction, support and accountability. We will develop a plan with actionable steps that is custom for you.



You don’t have to grow your business like everyone else. Find what speaks to your clients. Build a business that grabs people’s attention because it’s unique, like you. 



Align your business with your values, how you want to work, and how you want to live. Get the support you need to be seen and do things your way. 



With a group of bosses to offer advice, guidance, collaboration, and support everything really can change in a year.

Sound good? I thought so! Sign Me Up!


Virtual happy hours to build relationships with other bosses.


Monthly business building topics with worksheets delivered to your inbox.


Zoom meet-ups to discuss the month’s topic, answer questions, give advice, and support.


Monthly coaching session with me to work one-on-one 

on your business.


Extended support through a private Facebook group.


Master classes on topics selected by the group.


A wolf pack of bosses to bounce ideas off of, offer their expertise, and help you grow your network.


January Kick-Off  

Meet the group + yearly planning

When you join Wave Makers through Teachable you will have instant access to my Planner For List Makers. Then you will receive a welcome pack from me detailing the days, times, worksheets, and login information for the month. You will also receive a link to schedule our first call together, an invitation to the Facebook group, and a questionnaire so I can learn more about you. 

After everyone completes their questionnaire, I will send out a pdf of all Make Wave members so we can start getting to know each other before our virtual happy hour on January 26th. Our first Zoom meet-up will be January 30th. We will discuss our word of the year, goals, needs, and the yearly planning worksheets. Let’s start 2018 off with bang!

+ Welcome Pack

+ Facebook Group Invitation

+ 2018 Yearly Planning Workbook

+ One-On-One Coaching Call

+ Zoom Meet-Up January 30th

+ Virtual Happy Hour January 26th

Topics Covered

Topics we will cover to grow your business  

+ Word of the Year

+ Quarterly Planning

+ Positioning Statement

+ Bio

+ About Page

+ Branding

+ Processes & Systems

+ Mindset

+ Email Marketing

+ Social Media Marketing

+ Onboarding

+ Website Audit

+ Woo Magic

+ Nurturing Clients

+ Creating Content

+ Services


Payments & Invoices 

+ 12 Month Commitment

+ Registration Ends January 23, 2018

+ 12 Payments of $145 or One Payment of $1,595 (one month free)

+ Anytime access to worksheets, recorded master classes & Zoom meet-ups through Teachable

+ Join and pay for your membership through Teachable

Cancel after 3 months if it’s not for you





Q: What if I can’t make the Zoom meet-up?

A: You can email me your questions & watch the recording at your convenience. We can go over any questions or concerns in our one-on-one coaching session. You can always use the Facebook group for feedback and advice. 


Q: What if I can’t make the Happy Hours?

A: I want everyone to get to join in. So, I will be sending out a questionnaire to see what times work for everyone.


Q:What if after I join I feel like this is not for me.

A: I will hate to lose you as part of our group because the members make it special, but I want what is going to help you flourish and grow. If after 3 months you want to leave the group, we will wish you well. 


I am ready! Sign Me Up!


When I decided to quit my job as an Art Director for a fortune 100 company and freelance full time, I had clients, money saved, and retainer work. I thought I was so prepared. But, you don’t know what you don’t know. I had a lot to learn, the trial and error way. The hard way that involved highs, lows, and tears. 

I was a lone wolf reading everything I could get my hands on to figure this boss thing out. I was ready to do whatever it took to make money to support the way I wanted to live. No more commutes, feeling guilty about not seeing my family, or building someone else’s fortune. 

With the overwhelming amount of information being pushed on us about what we should do, disheartening social media highlight reals, and the celebration of the “hustle” it’s easy for people to give up on their dream. 

There is a different way, a better way, and it starts with relationships.  I have created a space where you can learn and build a business your way with cheerleaders at your side. You don’t have to do this alone. 

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