Are You Struggling to Get on A Schedule as a Freelancer?

When you work for someone else, your life has to fit around your job. The dream is to have a job that fits around your life. It sounds so easy, but it’s hard when you don’t have the boundaries, team, and accountability of an office setting. Instead, you have unfinished laundry, sunny weather, and overwhelming feeling from all the new responsibility.

The key is figuring out how you work best. Use an app like Timely or just write down how you spend your day. Then, you can see how you can be more productive. What time of day do you work best? What items can you sub out? Where do you procrastinate most?

Different things work for different people, but these are some of my tips. I do my three most important task first thing everyday. I work best in the morning, and it feels good to get things done before lunch. Narrowing in on what is a priority, keeps me from wasting time going back and forth between projects or getting side tracked on the small stuff. I plan everything. Routine is key to keeping me organized.

I designate specific days for certain task. For example, Mondays are always the day I do my accounting by sending invoices and logging expenses. On Fridays, I touch base with all of my clients. Plan out your goals, social media, content and task for every month. You will feel so boss and be able to focus on doing client work. Try applications like Trello or Asana to help you stay on track with your projects. Automate as many task as possible, like social media and newsletters with apps like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Getting yourself on a schedule, gives you more control over your time, and we all know time is money!