My First Month as a Freelancer

When I walked out of my corporate office for the last time I swear the air was clearer, the sun was brighter, and I felt lighter.  I had 6 months salary saved, clients, a supportive husband, and no regrets. I had been in talks with Anthropologie(my dream company) for coming on as a freelance web designer and we confirmed my rate via phone while I was vacationing at the beach with my family. It seemed like the perfect start to my new path. I few weeks in I was working away, and enjoying every minute. I got into a routine where I would workout every morning, then work on projects until I  picked my daughter up from school at 3:00. No more hour commute, rushing every second to get everything done, and we even lounged by the pool at the YMCA.   I thought this was the best decision I had ever made, and I should have done it sooner.

Then my solid plan fell apart. My big web design client fell through, and my other client changed their scope of work. Worst of all my dreamy freelance gig with Anthropologie, that made me make this leap, also fell through when my contact left the company. So here I was with my steady gig, and my two months of booked work gone. I realized my plan wasn’t’ as sound as I thought, and I felt devastated and scared. I had completely lost my confidence. I wish I could tell you I dusted those feelings off, and jumped into kicking ass a as a freelancer. I can’t, and it was the first of many lessons and ups and downs as I built my business. BUT, If you are thinking about quitting your day job, or feeling down about your progress, don’t freak out. I had a rough journey, but it was worth it! Now I can write about it and share my experiences to teach and encourage other people in their journey as a Freelancer, which is a huge gift for me.