Are You Holding Yourself Back?

One of the most surprising pains in starting and growing your own business is actually yourself. You can have the skill, experience, and desire that it takes to succeed, but if your head isn’t right you will fail. Sounds harsh right? As creative’s we get emotionally attached to our work. Rejection of this work can can cut deep, as it seems like rejection against ourselves. When you work with clients there is no buffer between you and the work. Your business is you, and you have to feel confident, excited and ready to be vulnerable. This is what it takes to share and sell what you have to offer, making your business a success.

Confidence – You have to be confident in your prices, proposals, and work. Do your research, become an expert, and put your prices in writing. If you don’t think you are worth it, how can you convince someone else?

Excited– If you don’t love what you do, the work it takes to be your own boss will not be worth it for you. Feeling like you are so lucky to make money doing what you do will gives you the motivation to keep going when times are hard.

Vulnerable – You have to put yourself out there and know there will be highs and lows. You will get some no’s, and you can’t take it personally and let it throw you off course down a pity spiral. You have to network, show your work, and go after what you want. Most importantly, you have to get back up when things don’t go as planned, or someone doesn’t like your work. It happens to everyone, trust me!