How to build an online business


A step-by-step guide for creating a business that supports the way you want to live and work

What if you could skip past all of the uncertainty that comes with running a successful business and get to the part where you have your dream job?


You are ready to start your business

You have been wanting to quit your day job. You know you have the skills and the drive to make it work, but you need a playbook to give you the confidence to take the leap.


You Feel like a failure

You are struggling month to month to meet your money goals. Your business feels like a roller coaster ride and you are thinking about giving up. You need a plan for success that you can start today!


Your business needs to shift and change

You want to change the people you serve or how you serve them and time to refresh your business model and align with your vision. This course will give you the clarity and the strategy you need to make the switch. 


You’re ready to grow & scale your biz

Your business feels like a hot mess and you need some clarity to move into the next phase. You are not attracting clients for the thing you actually want to get paid for. What you want to be known for. You need a fresh look at your business and action steps to take.b

I love the workbook! It’s helped me really focus in where I wasn’t at all.

Melissa Everett, Melissa Everett Textiles

This course made me think about my business in a whole new way! Thinking about my brand and my image was always work, but now it feels like an extension of myself.

Elisa Trentham, Sherwood Media


Because I know you are ready for clarity, profit, & confidence!



Before we can reel in clients we have to get really clear on who we are, what we do, and who we do it for.  You will define your mission, vision, values and ethos. Write your bio, elevator speech, and about page to tell people what you do. Last, you will define your ideal client and how you will serve them.



Now that we are clear on who we are, what we do, and who we do it for we can move on to how we do it. You will create a profitable business model, and define your services. Then, you will develop the systems you need to attract clients and create relationships with them that make co-creating a breeze.



With a solid business in place it’s time to fill your calendar with clients by developing content that separates you from the crowd and establishes you as an expert. You will create a strategy that includes what to post on social media, blog content ideas, and email marketing. 

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4 Modules with real life examples to walk you through the process of building your brand. 


Worksheets & templates to help you dive deep into your business, set goals, and develop strategies that lead you to profit.


You leave this course with a well thought out custom playbook for running your business and the confidence to put it into action.



Do You Have a Business or a Brand?

Anyone who exchanges goods or services for money has a business. When you have fans who rave and support what you do and how you do it you have a brand. We will take a closer look at what makes a brand and how crafting your brand story to connect with people is the first step to building your brand.

+ What is Branding?

+ Crafting Your Brand Story


Who are You?

Creating a brand that feels like you and sets you apart from the crowd starts with getting really clear on who you are. These are your brand foundations and they set the guidelines for how you will build your brand. They direct who you work for, what you do and how you do it. Think of it like a compass that directs you as your business grows. 


+ Defining Your Mission

+ Defining Your Vision

+ Defining Your  Values

+ Defining Your Ethos

+ Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition


What Do You Do?

Once we are clear about who we are we can dive into what we do. We writing our positioning statement (aka elevator speech), bio, and about page because the first step in getting more clients is being able to tell people what you do. The next step is identifying your ideal clients so we know who we are talking to and how we can serve them best.

+ Writing Your Positioning Statement

+ Writing Your Bio & About Page

+ Identifying Your Ideal Client


How Do You Do It?

Now that we know what we are going to do and who we are going to do it for we can put the how into place. You will create a business model with multiple streams of income, define your services and prices, learn how to create systems that will make working with clients and running your business clients easy. Get my best tools for running your business like a pro and maximizing your time.

+ Creating a Profitable Business Model

+ Defining Your Services

+ Nurturing Your Clients

+ Systems & Tools For Growing Your Business


How to market your brand

You have a great business plan and now you need to plan how you will reach your ideal clients and share how you can help them. No random Instagram post or staring at a blank screen for you. You will develop a list of content that establishes you as an expert, a social media strategy that supports builds know like and trust, and an email marketing system build and nurture your client list.

+ Creating Content That Attracts Customers

+ Developing a Social Media Strategy

+ Getting Started with Email Marketing

Still on the fence? Get a peak inside with this ideal client worksheet.

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When I decided to quit my job as an Art Director for a fortune 100 and freelance full time I had clients, money saved and retainer work. I thought I was so prepared. But, you don’t know, what you don’t know. I had a lot to learn, the trial and error way. The hard way that involved highs, lows, and tears. I have taken everything I have learned and created the is the blueprint I wish I had to put me on the fast track to making a profit and save me lots of headaches along the way.



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$ 90
  • All 4 Modules
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This course combines my very best strategies + years of experience walking in your shoes and coaching creatives into a full-proof system to launch and grow your business. I’m confident you’ll LOVE this course. But if for some reason you don’t, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days.