DIY Branding for the Entrepreneur

A Step By Step Guide to

Creating a Brand that Feels Like You

Get a cohesive professional looking brand that feels like you, DIY style!


You are Ready to Launch Your Business

You know you need a professional looking brand to attract the right clients but you don’t have the budget to work with an agency. You have been looking at your competitors and digging into Pinterest, but it all seems overwhelming. You don’t know where to start to DIY your branding.


You Have a Brand that Doesn’t Feel Like You

Your business is up and running but you are not happy with your branding. Something about it just doesn’t feel right and you don’t know where to start to make it right. 


Your Branding Needs an Update

Our businesses are constantly growing and changing. When you started your business the logo and color palette you have worked great. As you have grown in your business your branding hasn’t reflected those changes and it doesn’t resonate with your current dream clients. 

“I LOVED the DIY Branding for Entrepreneurs e-course by Tipsy Studio. As someone who thought branding was mostly font and colors, I learned a lot about the foundations of branding as well as best practices for making a compelling and beautiful aesthetic. If you’re new to branding or can’t afford to hire someone, this is a fantastic course that will guide you through the basics. My favorite section was “Defining Your Mission” since it made me stop and think about what I truly wanted to accomplish with my business and how to verbalize it effectively. “

Rachel Wynn – Starlightsoical

“It helped me understand what branding is, then through a series of exercise it helped me think about how to communicate my brand. The course helped me dig deep and identify what’s the core of my brand. Now I can make more informed decisions and move forward with more focus. “

— Shannon Deana Johnson – Artist


Because I know you are ready for clarity, profit, & confidence!



Let’s talk about branding! We will discuss the difference between a business and brand and why it matters to you. Then we will talk about your brand story and how this is the first step in connecting with clients and standing out.




The first step in creating a brand is getting clear on who we are by defining our brand foundations. You will define your mission, vision, values, ethos and unique selling proposition. 




Now that we can connect visual elements to our brand message to create a brand that truly feels like us and attract the clients we want to work with. You will create your mood board & color palette and learn how to use it to create your brand elements like your logo, and business cards.  

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3 Modules to walk you through the process of building a brand that feels like you. 


Worksheets, templates, and one for you mood boards and color palettes to help create beautiful, cohesive, professional looking brand.


You leave this course with not only a brand you love, but the elements you need to create materials to grow your business. 




The Difference Between a Business and a Brand?

Anyone who exchanges good or services for money has a business. When you have fans who rave and support what you do and how you do it you have a brand. We will take a closer look at what makes a brand and how crafting your brand story to connect with people is the first step to building your brand.

+ What is Branding?

+ Crafting Your Brand Story


Who are You?
Defining Your Brand Foundations

Creating a brand that feels like you and sets you apart from the crowd starts with getting really clear on who you are. These are your brand foundations and they set the guidelines for how you will build your brand. They direct who you work for, what you do and how you do it. Think of it like a compass that directs you as your business grows. 


+ Defining Your Mission

+ Defining Your Vision

+ Defining Your  Values

+ Defining Your Ethos

+ Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition


Creating Your Visual Brand

Once we are clear about who we are we can dive into the visual part of our brand. This is where we connect  colors, images, and a logo that supports our brand message to create a brand that feels like you. You will have all of the elements you need to create materials like social media post and business cards to share your business and stand out. 

+ Connecting Visuals to Your Brand Message

+ How to create a Mood Board

+ Defining your style

+ How to Create a Color Palette & Apply it to Your Designs

+ Designing a Logo

+ Typography 101

+ How to Choose Fonts

+ Creating a Style Guide


How Do You Do It?

I have created some additional videos to go with the course templates because I want you to have everything you need to create the brand you want. 

+ How to Create a Mood Board with

+ How to Create a Mood Board with Photoshop

+ How to create a Mood Board with Canva

+ How to Create a Mood Board with Keynote

+ Color: Working with HEX and CMYK Values

Still on the fence? Get a peak inside with this mood board & color palette.

Still have questions? Ask away here!

This course combines my very best strategies + years of experience walking in your shoes and coaching creatives. I’m confident you’ll LOVE this course. But if for some reason you don’t, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days.