The Logo Co-creator

A Step By Step Guide to

Creating a Profession Polished Logo

Get a cohesive professional looking brand that feels like you, DIY style!

Q & A

Q. Do I have to know Photoshop?

A. You do not have to know Photoshop, but you do have to have access to the program. If you do not have access to photoshop I can design your logo from the template for $50

Q. How long will it take to design my new logo?

A. Time will vary based on your knowledge of photoshop and if you already have a color palette. If you have a color palette and know basic photoshop you can create a beautiful logo in under an hour.

Q. What are the variations?

A. Each logo comes with different variations for the logo and brand mark. The exact variations of layout and graphics will depend on which design you chose. 

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4 Photoshop templates of pre-made logos and color palettes that you can customize to create a logo and brand mark that feels like you. 


Multiple variations on each logo and brand mark.


A style guide template to use as a reference or hand off to a designer or team member.


This course combines my very best strategies + years of experience walking in your shoes and coaching creatives. I’m confident you’ll LOVE this course. But if for some reason you don’t, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days.