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Creative Coaching with Derek Armitage

 Today I spoke with Derek Armitage from Open Hands Pictures.

Derek specializes in telling his customer’s unique love stories with his videographer services.

We talked about strategies for growing his business and sharing his message, pricing your services,  how to make the most of your time when you have a day job and a side hustle, and networking.




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Creating Coaching // Ingvlid Kolnes

I am talking with Ingvlid Kolnes, a photographer based in Norway. We discuss how to get noticed online when you feel invisible by changing your website to make you stand out. We also dive into how to position your business with content and email marketing to release courses and add some passive income to your business model.  Does this sound like you?

Creative Coaching with Saudalia E

Saudalia Landon is the Utah-based photographer and videography behind Saudalia E. She works with families and brides to capture their happy moments. We talk about using your core brand foundations and identifying your ideal client to niche down your business, attract more clients, and build your business. You can see Saudalia’s work at or  YouTube and follow her online Instagram or Facebook.

Taylyn Tatka of Tatka Creating Co

In this coaching call with Taylyn Tatka from Tatka Creating Co., we talk about social media strategy, building a business while you work your day job, and so much more!