When To Invest in Your Business?

When you are a one-woman show, small business owner,  your funds are limited. So, as you are trying to grow your customer base and stabilize your monthly income, the thought of spending money can be scary. You may want to consider some sort of consultation pro, like an industrial sales consulting company, to give you some expert guidance as you look at how to best invest.

How do you know how and when to invest in yourself? It’s helpful to know three things. One, when you buy tools to run your business, you will see a return on your investment. Secondly, the investment of those tools can scale as your business grows. Last, but for sure, not least, these are a tax write off, yay!

If you are getting started or ready to get serious about your business you need the following tools:  the right materials to do your work (a computer, or design software, e-mail system etc..),  a system for managing the way you work with clients, and a money management system. Having an enterprise application development platform that will eventually provide apps relevant to your business management and expansion is also a great investment. With appropriate support and tools as well as the right business development solutions, you will have the capacity to maintain and develop your venture well and easily.  This is why businesses are hiring global language services like Espresso Translations, to provide high-quality localization, visit the page to see more details about them.

These are some of my suggested resources. Download a list here

1. E-mail- Mail Chimp, Convert Kit

2. Project Management – Old School White board or Notebook, Asana, Basecamp,Google Docs, or Trello

3. Money ManagementWaveFreshbboksQuickbooks, MintYNAB