What to say on your website

A website can be beautiful but if your message isn’t clear in telling people what you do and how to hire you, then it isn’t working for you. That’s what a website should do. It’s an employee that works to clients get on board for you 24/7.

There are 4 major sections of content you need to have on your website. Positioning statement  – Your positioning statement says who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. You want to be very specific here.  An example would be, “I am a virtual assistant who supports photographers through scheduling, photo editing, and customer service”.

You can add a tagline to this statement to add some personality or speak to the emotions of your ideal client. For example, Giving Creatives  More Time to do What They Love. This appeals to a need and desire photographers have to spend more time shooting and less time doing the day to day business task.

Services – Tell people what you do, but not everything you do. List your top services, which what you want to be known for and make the most income from. This could be a tiered offering of packages and prices or just a description of your top 3 services. Don’t worry that people will turn away if you don’t list everything you can do. Focusing on a few services shows what your expertise is, while making it it easier to buy your service by not overwhelming potential clients with options.

How to work with you – People have a lot of fear when it comes to making purchases. One way you can cancel out these fears and make a person ready to buy is by letting them know what to expect when working with you. You can describe the process and tell them what the next steps are to hire you.

About – Your bio or about page is where you want to tell your brand story. Your “why” for doing what you do. You can add some of your personality and connect with your customer on a deeper level by making them feel like they know or can relate to you. People want to buy from friends. Use your own voice to connect to your ideal customer.