Using your voice to Attract Your Ideal Client

One of the best parts about being your own boss is that you get to choose your clients. I know we have all had clients in our careers that we couldn’t wait to move past. Part of attracting our ideal client is using our voice: our real voice, the one we use when we talk to friends, because people want to buy from friends.

Using your real voice is important in building your brand, because you use it  to attract clients, get them on board ,and keep them. Maintaining constant expectations through your voice is key in doing this. I think about it like online dating. Even if these are unchartered waters for you, the fear of having the prospective date not be like their profile in person probably came up. When people view our websites and social media, they are checking our profile. They let us know they are interested by reaching out through email, and the relationship grows with a phone call or meeting. Your customer can date anyone so imagine their fears about working with you if you are really bubbly and outgoing online, but your emails are very stark and you take forever to respond.

On your end, you want to use your voice to repel people who don’t mesh with your personality.  When I was looking around for a business coach, I could easily rule many of them out just by the words they used to communicate their message. I don’t like aggressive personalities. Any fear-based selling strategies like,  “You will regret not signing up today” , or telling me I have to  do something immediately, made me move on. But, those coaches have lots of clients that are attracted to their personalities and methods.

It’s not about the right or wrong voice, but about you building a brand that stands out by using your unique voice. Don’t be afraid to do it, feel empowered by it. If you are struggling with putting yourself out there and creating boundaries, please check out Brene Brown  – she’s amazing!