Trouble Shooting Your WordPress Site

I have been Building WordPress sites for over 6 years! I was looking around at job boards and kept seeing this WordPress thing. So I thought, I better figure this out. WordPress is great until something isn’t working. Even though I have lots of experience, I still get the “head thrown back NOOOO!” routine, when something breaks. You can avoid some of this by paying for a supported theme and keeping your WordPress core and plugins updated. If you are having issues with your site, these are some trouble shooting tips for you.

1. Make sure everything is up to date.

2. Run a fresh WordPress install through the dashboard.

3. Switch over to a default theme and check to see if the issue still occurs.

4. Deactivate your plugins one by one and test your site again. 

If you have done all of that, and you have no success, you can search the support boards for your theme. Your next option is to contact a developer to help you fix your site. If you have worked with a designer/developer or totally gone the DIY route on your site, you still need a developer to call when your site is down. You don’t want to loose money trying to find someone in the midst of having your site crash while you are freaking out.  The ways you can work with a developer are hour by hour, buying a bundle of hours you can use anytime, or on a monthly retainer. I hope these tips help you keep kicking butt in your business!