Make a Business Plan to Earn More Money

A business plan is simply how you make money. Even if you are already in business, you still need a business plan to meet those money goals. The best way to come up with your business plan is to go back to your brand foundations. This would be your why, your goals, and your values. This will give you guidelines for developing your business plan. For example, I knew how many hours I wanted to work per week based on my value of wanting to spend time with my family. I also knew how much money I wanted to make based on my goals.  My business plan was figuring out how to make these two numbers work. I knew I needed to have passive income as a part of my plan and this began the change in my business model. Think about where you make the most money now, places where you are not making money, and additional products or service you offer to make more money.

Let’s break it down!

1. My one to many free offering (example – newsletter, blog post)

2. My one to one free offering (example – consultation, product sample)

3. My one to many offering ( example – course, book, speaking engagement)

4. My one to one offering (example – services, commission work, coaching sessions)


Ideally, you want your numbers 1 and 2 to capture clients and customers for your numbers 3 and 4. Your one to one services to be your top tier services with the highest cost and your one to many will be where you generate passive income. I hope this gives you some ideas of how to kill it in your business by generating multiple streams of income!

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