How to Make $100 Today

Are there times when business is slow or you just need some extra cash? Maybe, life is too busy to take on another big project, but you need to keep the profits flowing. Ask yourself, how can I make $100 today? There can be a quick fix. It can also give you some insight about how to up your monthly cash flow.

1. Check your invoices. Have you sent out all of your invoices? Are all of your sent invoices paid? Can you automate your invoices? Automating your invoices not only saves you time, but helps you get paid faster. Setting up reminders for unpaid invoices or automating your recurring invoices can be very beneficial.

2. Upsell. Clients may need a change, but sometimes you may be reluctant to ask to serve them in a new way, even if it’s better for them. Reach out to your current and past clients, and inquire if they need any help or offer to assist them in a specific way.

3. Clean house. Check your monthly business expenses and see where you can save. Are there subscriptions you can cancel or downgrade? Can you charge your business expenses to a credit card that has cash back rewards?

These ideas are like digging for change in the couch cushions during college, when you needed an easy way to make some money because you really wanted a burrito. Where can you find some extra money in your business?