How To Know If Your Website Needs A Refresh

If you think you need a new site, you probably do. A refresh can be taking the information you have and changing the look, keeping your look and changing your content, or a combination of both. It’s completely normal for your business to shift and change. Looking at your site once or twice a year is a good way to check yourself and make sure your message still aligns with your business goals. These are some tips for deciding if you need a refresh.

You have new branding.

You are not attracting the right kind of clients.

Your business has taken a different turn in goals, services, or location.

Your content is outdated and you just can’t tweak it anymore to align with what you are doing now.

Your look is outdated. This one could be subjective to a non-creative type, but compare your site to a top competitor and note how you feel about your site in comparison.

After visiting your website, your customers may have many questions about your business or complaints about your site.