How to Use a Quiz to Build Your Email List

Marketing your business is easy when you can make it fun. Creating a quiz is a great way to engage with potential customers and grow your email list.
How many times have you fallen down a Buzzfeed hole taking quiz after quiz? Which Friends character are you? Which Disney Princess is your BFF? What’s your spirit animal?

These quizzes have two things in common. They give a quick result with little effort and they tell us something about ourselves. Imagine how powerful this could be if it also gave us some kind of real value too. It can, and this is the beauty of creating a quiz to grow your list. My quiz is my number one opt-in for list growth. I am going to give you my tips for creating your own quiz to grow your email list.

Identify a topic that speaks to your ideal client

To create a quiz that builds our email list we first have to come up with an engaging topic that supports our brand. What is the number one problem that you solve for your clients? What kind of answers are they looking for when they come to you?

When we talk to our clients or customers we have to ask a series of questions to help us solve their problem. For example, if you are an interior designer you will need to know what room your clients want to update, what’s important to them in a room, what their style is, and budget they have allotted for the project. Creating a quiz around finding their style would not only be a fun way to answer some of those introductory questions but also make them feel like you really understand what they want.

Your quiz shouldn’t replace you or answer your clients biggest questions. That would be a tall order! It should be a step in your process, and flow cohesively with how you get your clients the transformation they want.

Creating an engaging quiz

After you have chosen the right topic for your quiz you have to formulate the questions and answers. You will want to make sure to keep it simple, remember it’s supposed to be fun, and make sure it only takes a minute or two to complete. I suggest thinking about the outcome and working backward to help you create leading questions. Need more inspiration? Check out these quizzes by fellow entreprenerus.

Adding Value

You can use the delivery of the quiz results to give some extra value to your potential clients. Each one of my results has a downloadable pdf that they can use to help them in their business journey depending on where they are based on the result of the quiz. Adding more value gives you a chance to show your expertise and what it would be like to work together. This opportunity to build know, like, and trust creates more warm leads for your business

Connecting with your Email

Just getting someone on your email list isn’t enough to ensure more clients on your calendar. You have to continue showing up and positioning your self as someone who can help them. I like to do this with a welcome series. As soon as someone enters their email to get their result they are added to my email list in MailChimp. Over the course of the next week, they get 4 emails from me telling them who I am, what I do, who I do it for, and what kind of content to expect from me. I also take this opportunity to add more value with a free workbook they can download and a link for a free coaching call. This is how I convert potential clients into paying clients.

Are you ready to create your quiz?

When I made my first quiz I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could put it all together. I looked at tons of plug-ins and did hours of research on Google. I did finally find a way to make the quiz function the way I wanted, but it was time-consuming and not quite right.

Luckily I found a perfect solution with Interact! I was able to remake my quiz and publish it in one hour! Interact makes it easy to not only create personality, scored, and assessment quizzes, but it easily integrates with your email system and website.

There are lots of features included, like analytics, that make getting the word out about your quiz and managing subscribers easy. You can add tags so you know which subscribers are coming to your site from your quiz. With the click of a button, you can create a pop-up, embed, or grab a link to your quiz so you can start collecting email address and building your list.

Click here to get started today!

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