How to get Customers who are ready to buy

When you think about buying a car, or hiring a repair man is the first thing you think of excitement? Or do you feel that tightening in your gut? Do you try to figure out how to keep your car a little longer and DIY that repair, or head to your nearest dealership with no worries? Everyone has fears when it comes to buying, whether it’s something small, like a cool office supplies, or a big purchase like a new sofa. When we can cross out the list of fears our clients have for buying our services or products we have customers who are ready to buy. So how do we do this?

Make a Check List – Think about the questions people ask you about your services or products and write them down. Poll your newsletter list or customers on what makes them hesitate about hiring someone like you or buying your product.

Apply this information – Answer any question or fear your customer may have in your website and your onboarding process. Use this information as content for your blog post, social media post, and newsletters to educate and inform your customers so they are ready to buy!