Finding your niche

Your niche is that place where you can focus in on a service or product that allows you to rise to the top as an expert and become the go to person in your field. It’s a way for you to be really specific about who you are and what you do. The results of finding your niche are standing out from your competition, working with ideal clients, and being able to charge well for your expertise.

As people are drawn more to handmade items and sites like Etsy continue to spring up, so does the need for letterpress printing. There are lots of printing companies in your town who specialize in off set and digital printing, but letterpress printing is a different kind of craft. This kind of craftsmanship and expertise appeals to a specific kind of client, and they are willing to pay for it. Even though this is a small client base, there are also a limited number of experts, making letterpress printing a lucrative business. People who specialize in letterpress printing stand out in the printing industry as a whole.

Even if you are in a large industry, like weddings, ask yourself what couples within that group can you serve in a specialized way? You can be offering a service or product that you keep getting asked about. Maybe it’s your process that produces unique results. It could be appealing to a customer’s specific taste, like boho brides. Look for a way that you can serve people with unique expertise and position your business through exclusive content, marketing , and voice to speak to that customer.