Creating a network for Solopreneurs

A lot of creatives are not the most extroverted people. Being a solopreneur is great for so many reasons, but it can also be very isolating. It’s easy to get so caught up in your work that the day slips away and you haven’t even left your desk. You forget one of the best parts of freelancing is being able to work how and when you want to.

Taking a long lunch with a friend, or hanging out online can leave you feeling energized and totally ready to work. Creating a network is hugely valuable to your success and your sanity. Your network is who you turn to for advice, where you connect with potential clients, and an opportunity to learn. If you find yourself in need of a network, it’s easier than you think. It’s like anything else, you have to stop procrastinating, and  just  do it! I promise you, even if you like being a lone wolf, you really can’t do it all by yourself. It’s so much easier to build your business when you have a network. Here are a few tips to help create a productive and nurturing network.

  1. Join a Facebook group and contribute often.
  2. Ask people in your new Facebook group to be friends. It’s not weird! People are looking to make connections, just like you.
  3.  Join local organizations, and actually show up. If you are feeling really shy, just get involved, volunteer your time and talents, and people will come to you.
  4. Learn something. Books and podcast can’t take the place of face-to-face interaction, but they can be a great stand-in for learning and inspiration.
  5. Stay in touch with past co-workers. It can be easy to lose touch when you move on, but it’s important to stay connected. These can be great connections and provide an opportunity for collaboration, because you already know how to work together.