How to Choose an Email Provider

Having an email list is one of the best tools you can have to grow your business. This list gives you a direct link to speak to customers with whom you have built a relationship, based on their interest in your products or services. You can collect an email list through a variety of providers. In essence, they are all very similar. Knowing how you want to use your list will make a difference when you go to choose a platform that is right for you. Two providers that I have used are Mailchimp and Convert Kit. So, I will use those as examples of what to look for.

Cost – Most platforms have a pricing scale based on subscribers. This is a number you can compare side by side. Mailchimp is very affordable. However, if you have a subscriber on multiple segments or list, they will count more than once toward your total subscribers.

Automations – One way to keep warm leads is to set up an introductory series of emails. In Mailchimp, this is call automations. Convert kit has a really great system for setting these up too.  I use automations to welcome first-time newsletter subscribers and follow up with tips for working through my DIY Branding Workbook. It’s a really great feature to help you grow your business and nurture your email list.

Segments – Segments allow you to divide up your list into groups. This allows you to market directly to them. For example, if I have subscribers who always download the worksheets I send out in my newsletter, then I know they will be interested when I have new workbooks. I could also segment as “possible future clients” people from my newsletter that sign up for my free 30 minute consultations. So, I can reach out to them directly and offer an incentive to book a project with me.

Analytics – Analytics allow you to get great insights into your customers and give hints about how you can refine your strategies to have better reach and service. Mailchimp has a lot of integration with different platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify that can make your email provider choice an easy one. Have you ever gotten an email that said you left something in your cart? You can do that with Mailchimp. Seeing how you can integrate your email provider into how you already work can be a huge time saver and money maker.