Automating Social Media

Automating your social media is a must! Because, let’s get real, when you are busy running your business you have lots of other things to do.

Once you have your content planned and all of your photos ready, (if you just made a “what the hell” face click here), it’s time to automate. This means you set aside an hour and set up the date and time for you post to publish on multiple platforms. Doing this third step means you now have a system. And systems mean freeing up your time while creating consistent social media, which equals more followers.

There are many applications that you can use to do this. I personally like Hootsuite. I set all of my post up on my desktop and use the app to manage replies and Instagram post from my phone. Instagram does not allow a third party app to publish to their platform since Instagram is supposed to be instant. Even though, we all know a well curated grid is Latergram game. Hootsuite alerts you when it’s time to post. Then copies the post content to your clipboard and opens the image in your Instagram app. Now you just paste your post content.