5 Steps for creating a productive workspace

I have an awesome work space now, but it hasn’t always been this way. Before, I lived in a small townhouse that had a weird sun room, which was a useless work space because it partially opened up to the family room and was the only way to get to the backyard. I had to put my desk against the sliding door, and it was the entire width of the room! On the weekends, I would actually go to my “real” office to do my freelance work. After I went freelance full time, I knew that my home work space was not doing me any favors and something had to change. It’s hard to work and feel inspired in a shoe box. So, when we were looking for a new house, a great work space was high on my list of priorities. I wanted a space that felt like mine and nurtured my creative juices. I love pattern. So, when we moved in, I painted the wall behind my desk in a black and white pattern. Then I covered it with things that I loved. I transformed this space into my mood wall, not just a mood board. To the rest of the white room, I added pops of fun color and collectables that made me happy. I also faced my desk towards the window and added lots of plants to liven things up. Most importantly, I created a good organizational system so my desk and office space stayed clean. Transforming my new office space to reflect “me” continues to make all of the difference in my mood and creativity.

My tips for creating a great office space are:

1. Have a one function clean space for a clutter free mind. Your space should say work, not laundry and homework for the kids.

2. Surround yourself with items that inspire you. I really love my office. It’s truly my room and styled differently than the rest of my home.

3. Good lighting is everything. I once worked at an internship where I in a cubicle under an air vent, and it had a broken light. It was like working in a cave, depressing!

4. Add some essence with plants, music, and smells to create a calm environment.

5. Buy a great chair. Back pain is no joke!