3 Ways to Plan for the New Year

Planning is one of my favorite things. I really love to make list and the satisfaction of marking things off. I love dreaming and scheming about what could be, and making sure I am on the right path. January is a perfect time to do some planning. How do you want to feel about your business this time next year?

1. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Double down on the things that did work. Dig deeper into what didn’t. Has your service or customer changes so your marketing methods don’t have the same impact? Maybe your business has grown and you need to hand over some task? Don’t be afraid to make changes, because your business will continually grown and evolve, as will you.

2. Get organized. Systems are everything when it comes to working smarter, not harder. Iron out any kinks in your onboarding process by reviewing your online content, packages and media kits, and other ways you communicate with clients. Automate as much as you can with scheduling apps, social media publishers, and canned email responses.

3. Set your intent. I am sure all of us have a goal this year of making more money, right!? Let’s really make it happen by being more intentional.  Set one big goal, like product launches or website upgrades, per quarter and put it in your calendar. Now you can support that goal by adding the actions steps to make it happen. This gives you a strategy, timeline, and accountability without feeling overwhelmed.