3 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Client

If you want to grow a business, you have to serve your customers. If you want to serve yourself, then you have a hobby. That is paraphrased from one of the creators of Creative Live, and it is so true! Yes, you have a passion and a skill, but if you want to create a business where you get paid for it, then you have to figure out how to take what you love and serve someone else. I know this is THE million dollar question for creatives. How do I make a living doing what makes me excited, instead of losing my soul to this 9 to 5? I know it’s not just me! Figuring out who your ideal client is will help you cater and promote your ideas to people who want to buy what you are selling, so you can truly create that dream job. 

1. Investigate. Look through your social media platforms and identify similarities in the people who engage with you the most. If you don’t have a following yet, find a profile that matches who you want to be and look at their followers. Look at who is buying your products. This may seem a little creepy,  but you can check a person’s profile on Etsy or look them up on Facebook.

2. Ask for feedback. Put together a survey and ask your customers for feedback. You can offer an incentive like free shipping, a discount on purchases, or a digital product.

3. Build a profile.  Compile a profile of your client. Think of it like describing your best friend. Know where he/she shops, what they do on the weekends, and what their style is. Now, you know exactly who you are serving, and you can focus your efforts on this person.

You can download my ideal client worksheet here.