3 Steps to Better Instagram Post

Here are some tips to increase your reach on Instagram by writing better post.
1. Each photo should work together to make one cohesive story. You can achieve this by having a color story that runs through your photos and keeping the same style to your photos. You could have a bright, fun style with lots of white backgrounds and bright colors. Maybe, you like really warm tones and rich colors. People look at your grid before they decide to follow you. So, you want your grid to visually tell the story that matches your message.

2. Your post content should follow a theme. What is your main goal? What buckets of content can you write about to enforce that goal? If your business is styling and events, your brand is about fun. Your main goal is to share what you do.  Your content buckets could be your events, party supplies, and your love of donuts with images to match.

3. Engagement is the key to getting your post seen by more people. Your post have to be something more than “love this place!”. There isn’t much for anyone to say about that. Every post doesn’t have to be a short story, but sharing content instead of a simple caption and asking questions will give you more engagement from your followers.