3 Must Have Items For Your Website to Get Sales

Back in the day, people used to read these things called newspapers. They were paper rectangles folded in half and sold flat so that the most important stories were at the top of the paper or, above the fold. Above the fold now applies to web design. It is the portion of the site that can be seen on your screen without scrolling. This is the most important part of your website.

Reason 1 – You have .08 seconds to reel someone into your website so you have to get to the point and let them know what you are about.

Reason 2– Google bots will search your site for keywords so they can categorize your information like in a file cabinet to retrieve when people type in their search terms. This first page gets to be on the top of your stack.

Now that you know how important this section of your site is, you have to make the most of it with these three things.

1. Simple Navigation – We have a fear that we need to give people lots of options to get them to work with us. What really happens is that we make them feel overwhelmed by having so many options. Keep it simple.

2. Positioning Statement – Tell people who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. keep it short and to the point. Think of your ideal customer. Picture them Googling your service or product. What would make them say, “That’s exactly what I need!”

3. Call to Action – Also known as a CTA. Now that you have reeled them in what is the one thing you really want people to do? Are you promoting a course, building your email list with an opt-in, or growing your social media?

Remember the last time you had a need for a product or a service and went to Google to find the perfect solution. What made you buy? Visit your own site with the intent of your ideal customer. Is it an easy sell? Is it clear what you do, and how to hire you or buy your product? Refining your navigation, positioning statement, and call to action is how you turn visitors into customers.