When Your Client Rejects Your Design

Design is a way of communicating. We learn through our education and practice how to perfect the art of supporting an idea or telling a story through images. There is a beautiful moment that feels like magic when inspiration, vision, and design come together in perfect harmony. It’s addictive and fulfilling. The only thing that can bring you down from this is high is when the client rejects the design.

This can be so hard! Take a break and detach your emotions from your work. Think back to the discovery meeting. What were their pain points? What did they tell you were important? Were you really listening, and did your design really convey what they wanted?

If you feel like the answer to these questions is yes, then question how you delivered the design to the client. Did you email the design with a here ya go approach, or did you call or meet the client to discuss how it met their needs? If your answer is no, meet with the client again. Listen, ask questions, and assure them you are dedicated to the project.

As a creative, you were born to make visual connections. Translating other peoples needs and ideas and articulating your own can be tricky. Like any other skill, it gets easier with practice. Mastering client communication separates you from other designers, and adds value to your service that you can charge for. Don’t get discouraged, you got this!