Taking the fear out of making the Sale

I don’t think I am alone in being a more introverted creative. These two adjectives seem to go hand in hand. The bottom line is if you want to make money you have to make the sale. You are not trying to convince someone to give you their last twenty dollars for magic bean. These are my three tips to give you confidence and take away the fear of selling.

  1. Know your value -You are providing a service for someone that needs what you have to offer. Remember that your service has a value. If you build an e-commerce site for someone who makes 50K a year from that site, how do you see the value of that work. Makes you feel a little more confident huh?
  2. Play the numbers – Always take opportunities to tell people what you do. This builds confidence and generates good leads. Remember that you will get lots of No’s before you get a yes. So the more no’s you get the more yeses you get!
  3. Don’t make it personal – Making contact with someone who needs your product or service is the biggest hurdle. A is a no is a, not today, and can often turn into a yes. Just keep going and remember tip number 2. You can feel defeated and second guess yourself, or you can move on towards a yes.
  4. Affirmations of a sort – One of my best friends since 7 grade sales insurance, and he makes a great living at it. We had a conversation about selling and he said, “selling is easy unless your are afraid someone will tell you no. I’m not afraid of that. You don’t have anything to lose. I mean it’s not like they are going to beat your ass or something.”  As I am typing this I am laughing, because he is hilarious, but also because it’s so true. Why is getting a no so scary? So whenever I feel that little hesitation about sending over my quote, I think it’s not like they are going to beat my ass!