Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.41.45 PMTipsy Studio is a small shop nestled in the culture and charm of the deep South. I focus on personal and creative solutions for your growing business. Whether you are a one man show or a three ring circus, I can work with your goals and budget to get your business to the next level. My passion lies with start ups, branding, and making people’s vision come alive. My dream clients are other creative people with a passion. I know them, understood them, I am them. I have the experience to help people make their dream job happen.

Tipsy Studio offers design, branding, and marketing services, as well as a DIY approach to growing your business. I want to work with you, and not just for you. With my online courses, consultations, and years of experience I can handle the heavy lifting while teaching you how to grow and shape your business. If this sounds like just what you need, let’s work together!

“Shana is a design medium! I can’t believe how she took what was in my head and made it happen.” – Jaqueline Holmes / 25 South