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In this 3-day video series, I walk you through 3  steps you can take to tweak your message and start getting more clients.


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Before we can reel in clients we have to get really clear on who we are, what we do, and who we do it for.  Then we merge design with our message. This is how you get a brand that feels like you and attracts the kind of customers you want. If you don't know what to say on social media, your look is all over the place or you can't narrow down your services you need branding. Let's start at the beginning.



You know you need a great site, but it seems so overwhelming. Platforms, hosting, copywriting...are words that make your head swim. We can work together to co-create the right site for you. What if I told you I could launch your site in 5 days? With over 10 years of experience I have this thing down to a smooth system.



The biggest secret to being successful is get help. NOBODY does this alone! The go-to people in every industry have mentors, coaches, & master mind groups. Doesn't that make you feel better?! If you are thinking about taking your side hustle full time, or ready to scale your current business this is for you.

"Shana is a design medium! I can't believe she took what was in my head and made it happen."
Jaqueline Holmes - Boutique Owner / Frock

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Are you  spending hours searching the internet looking for answers for your most dire questions like, "What do I talk about on social media?"  and "Should I use Squarespace or WordPress," or "How do I package my services?" Sign up for a FREE coaching session with me where you can ask me anything and get real answers and actions steps to take now. 

Branding Coaching and web design for creatives

"Amazingly creative, supportive, and so easy to work with."
Tracey Owens -Life Coach / Remember Your Truth

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branding coaching and web design for creatives

Hi Friend!

I am a entrepreneur with a dream and a vision just like you! After 5 years as an Art Director and Lead User Interface Designer for a fortune 100 company, I started Tipsy Studio. I traded in my glass office and commute for t-shirts and the sounds of my children. You can find me working away ( just like this with a ponytail and no make up) in my home office with a Le Croix in my hand using everything I learned working with agencies and big corporations to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their business.

My favorite part of the design process is meeting with clients and learning about their business. Each project is the beginning of a new adventure that I can't wait to get started on! Running Tipsy Studio allows me to do what I love by working closely with my clients to help them develop brands and strategies to create their dream jobs. If you are ready to finally take your business to the next level, let's do it together.




A step by step guide
for launching, branding, and growing your creative business.

"If you are a beginning business owner and you are struggling with figuring out your brand or your brand story, you need this workbook!"
Taylor Sebrechts - Artist & Creative Coach


Is DIY your style? I have workbooks and online courses just for you! Go at your own pace with worksheets and videos to guide you step by step.

Courses for Creative Entrepreneurs

 Get a peak inside with this ideal client worksheet.


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